International Students

Additional Information

Fee Structure for International Students:

The fee for International students is determined by the nationality of the student.

Application Fees : US$ 100 for the first programme and US$ 50 for additional prog . (Mandatory + Non-Refundable)

Admission Fees : US$ 500 (Mandatory + Non-Refundable)

Per Semester Fees for Integrated BA/ MA and Full-time MA Programme:

For Developed Country &  NRI/ PIO/ OCI Category : US$ 2500 (excluding Dining Hall and Hostel Charges) + One Time  Admission Fees

For Developing Country : US$ 750 (excluding Dining Hall and Hostel Charges) + One time Admission Fees

For SAARC Country : US$ 500 (excluding Dining Hall and Hostel Charges) + One time Admission Fees (except for HRM programme, for which the fees will be US$ 750).

For GOI Sponsored Students: Same Fees as Indian students + Hostel, Dining Hall and Medical Insurance

For other Sponsored students: As per mutual agreement.

Per Semester Fees for Integrated Mphil/ PhD and Direct PhD:

For Developed/ Developing Country  & NRI/ PIO/ OCI : US$ 1000 per semester + One time Admission Fees

For SAARC : US$ 500 per semester + One time Admission Fees

For GOI Sponsored Students : Indian Fees + Hostel, Dining Hall & Insurance

For Sponsored Students : As per mutual agreement.

Per Semester Fees for Online Programmes :

For Developed and Developing Country & NRI/ PIO/ OCI : US$ 1000 per semester + One time Admission Fees

For SAARC : US$ 500 per semester + One time Admission Fees

For GOI Sponsored Students : Indian Fees + Hostel, Dining Hall and Medical Insurance

For Sponsored Students : As per mutual agreement.

* SAARC Countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives.
** Semester Fees Covers: Tuition Fee; Identity Card Charges; Computer Charges; Lab Charges; Medical Insurance Premium; Development/Programme Fund; Medical Examination Fees; Students’ Union Fund and Research Methodology Colloquium/ Workshop/ Special Seminars as     applicable in the applied programme.
*** For Short-term, Diploma and Certificate Courses, kindly contact –

Approximate Cost of Living in Mumbai City:

Sr. No.ParticularsEstimated Cost
1 Off-Campus Accommodation Min. US$ 100 – US$ 250 per month/ person
2 On-Campus Food/ Meals Min. US$ 2 per day (Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner) on Campus Dining Hall/ Canteen
3 Off-campus Meals Min. US$  8 per day
4 Internal Travel/ Local Travel Min. US$ 5 per trip (Onward and Return)
  • For details on Cost of Living in Mumbai refer:
  • To understand your fee payment status/ category, please check the below - World Bank link of Developed and Developing countries/ Economies:
  • Dormitory type multi seater hostel will be provided to all students at Tuljapur/ Guwahati Campus
  • For GOI Scholarship Holders - Dining Hall Advance is only an advance and the amount will be adjusted as per actuals.
  • Hostel and Dining Charges are subject to revision with changing costs of rents, electricity charges, provisions & fuel.
  • Institute reserves the rights to revise the Fees Structure of programme if necessary.

Payment of Fees:

Please note that, the payment of Semester fees for all semesters should paid by Wire-transfer. A receipt/ copy of the payment has to be submitted to IRO (, to trace the payment and issuing necessary instruction to the Accounts Section for accepting your admission/ issuing of receipt.

Kindly note, the following bank account details to make the Application/ Admission and Semester Fee Payment.

Beneficiary Name: Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Beneficiary Address: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Post Box No. 8313, Deonar, Mumbai 400 088
Account No. : 1043773643
IFSC/ RTGS No. : CBIN0281725 
Swift No. : CBININBBOSB    
Branch Code : 0281725  
Type of Bank Account : Current 
Bank Name : Central Bank of India 
Bank Address: Central Bank of India, V.N. Purav Marg, Deonar, Mumbai – 400088
Email ID:

The Fee Payment Schedule for Full-time Student is as follows:
Fees for Semester I / III/ V/ VII : To be paid on or before 15 May 
Fees for Semester II / IV/ VI/ VIII : To be paid on or before 15 Oct

Refund Rules and Penalty:

  • In case, of cancellation of admission by a candidate, the Application Fee and Admission fees paid by him/ her will not be refunded.
  • International students will have to pay fees according to the fee structure explained to them at the beginning of the course. No request for subsidizing the fees/ or charging the same as Indian students will be entertained.
  • Fees for all programmes for SEMESTER I , III, IV has to be paid on or before 15th May and the Fees for SEMESTER II, IV, VI has to be paid on or before 15th Oct as intimated by IRO. Failure to pay the required fees will result in fine of US$ 5 per day or cancellation of admission, if the fees remains unpaid for more than 2 months.
  • In the event of a student/ candidate withdrawing before the starting of the programme after payment of the Semester Fees due to personal reasons or due to the failure to procure VISA or any other unforseen circumstances, a processing fees of 10% of the recieved fees will be deducted and the rest amount will be refunded to the concerned student through wire - transfer within 45-60 days.
  • Similarly, in-case the student/ candidate is withdrawing after joining (within 15 days) the course and if the seat consequently falls vacant the institute shall deduct 50% of the fees paid and the rest amount will be refunded to the concerned student through wire – transfer within 45-60 days.
  • In the event of a student/ candidate withdrawing their candidature due to personal reasons/ health grounds/ or without any proper justification, the institute reserves the right to not-refund any fees.
  • All the Fee receipts should be carefully preserved by the student till the time of the completion of the programme.


  • In-case a selected International student, fails to secure visa or has any personal problems in joining the programme, he/ she has the possibility to defer their admission for a period of I year or as commincated by IRO.
  • This will be allowed only after the payment of Admission fees of US$  500 to secure their position in the respective programme.
  • Any request for Deferment/ cancellation of Admission or Transfer from Programme has to be channeled through the International Relations Office (IRO) only.


  • Kindly note that, Full-time International students are not provided on-campus accommodation during the course of their study at Mumbai and Hyderabad Campus.
  • However, we do provide Hostel Accommodation for our Post Graduate Programme and Undergraduate Programme(s) at Tuljapur and Guwahati Campus.
  • IRO has arranged Off-campus Accommodation in rented Fully Furnished Flats around Mumbai Campus for MA/ Mphil Students to facilitate their smooth induction.
  • PhD students are provided on-campus accommodation during Modular Workshops.
  • Hence, apart from the fees, full-time International students selected at Mumbai and Hyderabad Campus, will have bear expenses for off-campus accommodation (Rent/ Electricty as per actuals), manage living expenses (food/ travel) etc.
  • All MA/ MPhil students will have to bear the costs of Food and Off-campus accommodation in addition to the Semester Fees.
  • Only ICCR students will be accommodated in the on-campus hostel facility in TISS. The hostel rooms are available on triple sharing basis and all the rooms have amenities like bed, cupboard, wifi, book shelf and study table with chair etc.

Post Selection Activities:

  • IRO will facilitate Pre and Post Arrival Orientation/ information for all incoming students.
  • Post-Arrival Orientation Week: - Airport Transfers/ Accommodation/ Verification of Documents/ FRRO/ Campus Orientation/ A workshop for Introduction to Deans and other important functionaries/ Sim Card/ Internet Access/ FOREX/ Student ID card/ Mumbai Sight Seeing/ Local Tour/ Other logistical Arrangements.


  1. Integrated BA/ MA Programme: Important Information: Two degrees with one admission process at 12+ level
    • BA degree: A student who successfully completes the credited and non-credited requirements of the three-year (six semesters) programme will be awarded a B.A. Social Sciences degree.
    • Exit or Continuation Option: The graduating students can exercise one of the two options: leave the programme with a B.A. Degree; or transit to one of the Masters’ programmes offered by the same campus, based on certain laid out criteria.
    • No entrance test in case of Continuation: Students opting to pursue a Master’s Programme in the same TISS campus from where they obtained their Bachelor’s degree can do so without appearing for an entrance test for any of the Masters degree programme offered in the same TISS campus. Each Masters programme within each campus will allocate 15 seats or as deemed appropriate with internal distribution of seats as per the reservation norms. Students will give their preferences to the various MA programmes during the 5th semester. The CGPA of the student up to 5th Semester will be considered for preparing the merit lists for making the offer to transit into MA programme. Rules pertaining to mobility will be applicable as per A Crules.
    • Admission test for inter-campus mobility: Those who wish to shift to another TISS campus must go through the entrance test (in consultation with IRO) for lateral entry to any of the Masters programmes of that campus.
    • Should you need any further information and/ or assistance, please feel free to contact Ms. Jennifer Mujawar, Senior Programme Coordinator (IRO) or the Chairperson, International Relations office (IRO) at or 022 2552 5919/ 20. All the other information related to your joining of the programme, orientation schedule and logistics will be sent to you shortly.
    2. Integrated Mphil/ PhD Programme and Direct PhD Programme:
    • This code of conduct is applicable for all Research Scholars (M.Phil. and Ph.D.) registered at all the campuses of TISS.
    • All scholars are expected to give their consent to abide by the norms laid out in the code of conduct in addition to the other rules and regulations set by TISS from time to time. Scholars are expected to sign the code of conduct and follow it during their tenure as a student of TISS.
    • All scholars enrolled for the M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes are expected to:
      • acknowledge and follow the academic, and other rules and regulations set by the Research Council of TISS;
      • comply with the Institute regulations relating to their programme of study and the monitoring of progress, as well as with the specific regulations for any scholarship or award from the Institute or any other bodies, that students may hold;
      • establish and maintain cordial relationships with their guides and to discuss with them regarding the commencement of the research programme, a schedule of meetings and other contact for the prescribed period of study;
      • identify their scholarly and professional skill requirements (in conjunction with their guides) and to  attend appropriate workshops, lectures, events and training programmes offered by the Institute to meet these needs;
      • maintain the progress of the research in accordance with the stages stipulated in the programme structure, as mentioned in the Handbook, and as agreed upon with the guides;
      • register for an Institute email account and to check official messages regularly;
      • maintain their current contact details on the Online Platform (Institute student record system for M.Phil. and Ph.D. scholars), and to inform the Doctoral Student’s Office regarding any change of address and telephone numbers, and about their absence from the Institute for academic work or other personal reasons;
      • pursue their research at all times with positive commitment and in accordance with the appropriate ethical guidelines and procedures provided by the Institute, the Research Council, their School and as advised by the guide;
      • respect the contribution and intellectual property rights of their guides and others in any form of output emerging from the research study;
      • accept  a commitment to complete their studies and submit their thesis within the period specified by the Institute;
      • abide by the financial responsibilities, and pay fees and other dues regularly within the specified time frame;
      • maintain decorum on the Institute premises and observe decent dress codes in the classroom and in campus; and be aware of the rules and regulations pertaining to hostel stay, Library, conduct at campuses and dining halls, rules issued by the Computer Centre regarding information technology, and any other rules issued by the Research Council and other bodies of the Institute and to abide by the rules.

Progress Report

The scholar will need to submit the report of progress in her/his research work after every six months along with the DAC meeting minutes. This report must be submitted through the online platform (rs- for M.Phil. and Ph.D. students. The uploaded reports must be approved by the guides online in lieu of a signature. Orientation sessions regarding the online platform are conducted from time to time and during the Direct Ph.D. Modular coursework. If in two consecutive reports the progress of Important Instructions with respect to FEES and Refund of Fees for Fulltime International Students a scholar’s research work is found to be unsatisfactory, the registration of the scholar will be liable for termination.


  • Kindly note, that Direct Ph.D. programme can be pursued from all the campuses of the Institute, as applicable.
  • Candidates admitted to the programme can pursue a Ph.D. either by staying around TISS campuses as full-time scholars or as off campus/ day scholars or also from whichever location they are in.
  • Kindly note, if needed, student will be provided on-campus hostel facility, located in the Naoroji-Campus, TISS during the Contact Classes, library referencing and Modular workshops only. The students have to contact IRO, well in advance to make the necessary logistical arrangements to facilitate their stay.
  • The academic rules are the same for all Research Scholars on campus or off campus.

Allotment of Guide:

A candidate selected for admission to the Ph.D. programme shall work under the supervision of a guide or a guide and a co- guide allocated after admission. An appropriate guide or co-guide will be allotted to a scholar by the School Dean or Chairperson of Independent Centre in consultation with Dean (Research and Development), on the basis of the subject matter of the proposed research and its match with that of the faculty members. Similarly, allotment of guides in Tuljapur, Guwahati and Hyderabad are taken care of by the respective Co-ordinators in consultation with the Deputy Directors. This decision will be binding on the scholars.